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28-2I am a mother, a wife, a crafter, a couponer, a product reviewer, a cook, a Mrs. Fix-it…but no, my name is not Jill. It is Erin. I created this blog because I like to do a little bit of everything, but I get bored and lose interest very easily. So over the years I have learned how to do a lot of odd, but yet fun things. I have been a stay at home mom to an awesome boy for two years now. When we decided that I should stay home, we obviously took a financial hit, much like I’m sure you did since you are reading this. So instead of just dealing with it, I decided to do something about it.

It started with couponing. Once I hit my “nesting” phase in my pregnancy, I decided that we needed to have at least a six-month supply of EVERYTHING. In my mind at that time, I figured we would be like what you read about… you have a kid and life gets so busy and hectic that you don’t even have time to shower, much less shop. Luckily for us, that wasn’t the case. Couponing became an addiction, (I believe everyone has to have at least one… or seven) it became my fun hobby and was a way to make me feel like I was still contributing since I no longer had any money coming in.  All of a sudden I was finding all these ways to save money and to do things that provided for our family without making a dent in our checking account.

Then I stumbled upon product reviewing and that became a game changer. It never occurred to me that companies would give away free stuff just so they can get an honest review of it. I have been an Amazon fan for years, and their Prime two-day shipping is my best friend. So between Amazon and the companies that offer items in exchange for unbiased reviews, I am in a two-day shipping shopping heaven. I know, you may say that I don’t make any money off this, and that is true because I cannot resell the stuff, but think about it this way… How much money do you spend on everyday household stuff or Christmas gifts, or for Birthdays each and every year? I flat out don’t. I don’t spend a penny on it. Not even for the pretty wrapping paper and the bows.

It may sound crazy, but I actually earn more in products per year than the amount of money I made working a full-time job. I am not here to sell you anything… really I’m not, I have nothing to sell you. But I will offer you my wisdom on how to make yourself still feel like a strong contributing member of your family as a stay at home Mom (or Dad)

If saving money is not your thing, well, then I will be calling you crazy, but I still have some stuff for you. As my Mrs. Jill of All Trades name says,  I’m sure one of my projects will peak your interest. Just take a look and see.


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